12 April 2007


Well that was a quick two months.

For anyone who was checking this blog regularly, my apologies for the long hiatus. It has been about two months since the last entry. With the end of the Japanese school year in February I became especially busy but that was compounded by apartment-hunting (which took ages and all of my spare time) and then the subsequent packing, moving out, moving in and unpacking (which mysteriously takes ten times as long as the packing). After all that I took off to Bali for a few days, and upon returning to Osaka it took a good three weeks before having an Internet connection re-established.

Anyway I am back. I have made thirteen "retroactive entries" to cover the time I was gone, since I did take a few shots here and there but never had the time to upload them (click on the link to see the entry or just scroll down this page):

Rusted sign
Garage Door
Subway Men
Early arrival
In need of a reader
Birthday Flower
Cherry Blossoms & Garishness
Luscious Bali


Anonymous said...

good to see you back. been waiting for an update.

an-fi (Angel Figueroa) said...

Thanks very much!

shippo said...

awesome images~ ^__^