13 October 2010


ANy FIdelity will do has migrated to wordpress.com, with the new site at: http://anyfidelity.wordpress.com.

This move allows me an easier way of managing photos and a higher maximum resolution. It also facilitates a page design that is simpler with more white space to allow the photos to stand on their own. It was a cinch to migrate but it took a while to reformat all the pictures.

Part of the reason why I had stopped updating this blog was that the original Blogger was so time consuming when uploading multiple pictures. While the new Blogger is much better at uploading multiple pictures, and Wordpress is not ideal in this regard, Wordpress currently allows for more controls in other respects. It also has some interesting features that can be very useful. I trust this means I will be posting on ANy FIdelity more often in the future.

A new dawn: sunrise over Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido

My first post on Wordpress (23 Sept, 2010) is an account of a hike in Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, with forty two photographs. Please have a look at Daisetsuzan and Clouds. (There are also some earlier, retrospective posts that do not appear on the Blogger version).

Thanks for getting me started, Blogger...