10 October 2006

Midosuji Parade 2006

On Sunday the annual Midosuji parade was held. I had never attended before so I didn't know what to expect. However, I had a feeling there would be more interesting things to photograph than the floats and parade participants. I was right.

I hardly took any pictures of the people walking in the parade. Instead, I watched the people watching the parade, and thus photographed a parade of humanity in all its charms and quirks. I want to keep the anonymity of the subjects and as a result there are many shots I elected not to upload to my gallery. (There are a couple of pictures, however, that clearly show a person's full facial features, and I have decided to include them in the project anyway). Generally my aim was to retain a detached observer's viewpoint and keep my subjects unidentifiable. When looking at the pictures, I hope it feels like we are really just looking at ourselves.

Go to my photo Web site to see the full gallery of 40 images.

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