12 February 2007

Canada 4 Brasil 0, dream on.

In my football world, I finally had something to cheer about, but alas it had nothing to do with Spurs. (Man, it hurts. Blowing the lead against Gooners in the first leg of the Carling Cup, losing the second leg in atrocious fashion and then getting spanked by Manure at home was too much. Until yesterday, that is, when Spurs blew a one-nil lead and folded against scrappy Sheffield United. Bloody 'ell. The only wins so far this year have been against Southend and Cardiff. Yeah I know, who?)

It's incredible. Mr. Jol, please do something.

So what did I have to cheer about? Look at this score-line from Germany 2006 (Playstation 2) after a game with my mate Jimmy tonight:

Toronto's Julian de Guzman slotted home the final goal in Canada's 4-0 win over Brazil:

That's something to cheer about, even if it was just a video game.

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