26 September 2006

Web site finished!

Hurrah. I have finally finished my own photo Web site. Well, nothing is ever finished when it comes to me designing a Web site -- let's say its about 95% finished. I just need to come up with a decent links page for recommended Web pages related to photography in Japan. Any ideas? Yikes.

I have put up my last three photo projects, Asuka, Takayama/Shirakawago and Himeji Castle (all taken with the Nikon D80) as well as some older photo sets (taken with the Canon G3 from up to two years ago). You can see them here:


I came up with the idea of a photo site two years ago and I finally decided to do it, because it has been a real hassle to upload pictures for this blog. Often I have had to upload the same image a half-dozen times until I was satisfied with the size and layout. This blog is just taking too much time with all these pictures. Now with a photo site I can just make an easy link from here to there. I hope that means I can spend more time writing, too.

I don't know if that is a promise or a threat.

Or a lie.

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